AV & Lighting Installation

Audio Video Installation Los Angeles

Audio Video Installation Los Angeles

Force Field is a highly ranked seller, and installer of high end audio systems, lighting, and LED fixtures for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, studios, sound stages, galleries and other venues. Our friendly teams of highly skilled professionals are prepared to provide you with the best system recommendations for your business and our complete AV solutions are custom tailored to your space. Contact us for our free consultation so that we can start creating the perfect atmosphere for your customers and guests.

Lighting & LED Fixture Installation

Audio Video Installation Los Angeles Lighting LED Fixture Instals

Over the last 20 years, our audio visual designs has helped hundreds of small businesses and large corporations meet their customers needs for high quality audio, video and lighting solutions. Our AV techs are dedicated to your project from start to finish and maintain excellent communication throughout each installation. Let our courteous team of professionals take care of all your lighting and LED fixture installation needs. We offer the most competitive rates in Los Angeles, flexible schedules, skilled craftsmen, and unbeatable prices.

Commercial Audio Video Installation

Audio Video Installation Los Angeles Commercial Instals

The first thing that a customer hears when they enter your business is your audio system and the first thing they see is your awesome video system or lighting. Make sure that you make a great impression on your customers with a top quality Force Field audio video installation. How your customers feel in your place of business could be the difference between a one time sale and a loyal patron for life. As times and technology change, so do we. Our teams are constantly evolving so that we can better merging your audio and visual presentation needs seamlessly with your branding. It is absolutely crucial that your audio and video setup is spot on, especially when when displaying store specials and setting moods. Customers are selective these days and a great audio video installation can and will take your business to the next level. Contact Force Field Inc to get your installation started. We offer a free consultation and the best rates in the industry.