For concerts, festivals, movie premieres and corporate parties, sporting events, trade shows, or a wedding celebration, Force Field has supplied the equipment, the staff and the planning to make your event happen. Force Field provides an entire range of event production services, and we guarantee that your next event will be an on-time, on-budget success.


With an incredible passion for event audio, and the highest standards in the industry, we only work with the best. We use products from  top manufacturers: L-Acoustics, D&B, Martin, EAW, JBL, Yamaha, Avid, Digico, Shure, and more. Our entire team of highly skilled audio engineer’s possess’ certification in installation and implementation of these quality products. Our quality, state of the art services ensure that your event’s audio is clearly heard from every corner of your venue.


The right event lighting uses colors and textures to create the perfect ambiance in your event space; be it dramatic lighting for an industry after party, or music outdoor festival, we have a vast array of equipment that will fit your event needs. We only work with industry leaders of lighting equipment, ranging from Martin, Vari-lite, Color Kinetics, Chroma-Q, ETC, M.A, High End Lighting and more.  Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals has contributed their passion and expertise to some of the industry’s top entertainment, retail, and corporate events. We apply an equal amount of attention to detail and dedication to all events, large and small.


Force Field offers state of the art video technology, and an experienced team of professionals to manage this complex equipment, featuring LED, projection, LED TV, and Plasma solutions. We carry broadcast switching and camera packages to help you capture every moment. We have everything you need to successfully showcase your message at your next event. Force Field’s use of premier brands of LED panels and projectors like Martin, Oracle, Absen, Barco, Daylight, or Christie will absolutely mesmerize your guests, leaving an amazing impression with them for years to come. We take the time to understand your video needs and ensure the equipment is properly set up, calibrated, adjusted for color, and fitting for your events’ venue. Our team is there from the very beginning stages of planning, all the way through the execution, to guarantee your visual experience is memorable.

Staging & Structures

Many events need a stage or a truss structure, and these structures vary from a concert to a film premier, product launch or corporate event, and Force Field plans and builds the stages to best suit your event.. Our engineers and designers work within your event space, and we will create the stage that will not only impress your guests, but fit your budget as well. We are highly creative and we always strive for new ways to give your structure and stage a functional, custom crafted look.

Event Support

Our event support staff brings experience, creativity, attention to detail and budgeting to your event to insure that everything goes right- On time, on budget with a mixture of sound, lighting and staging to create a truly memorable event for you, your guests and clients. We offer a wide range of support services from planning to staffing, including design, logistics, technical direction, crowd control, power distribution and more. Our team of professionals will ensure that your event runs smoothly, and makes a one-of-a kind impression.


We can provide professional installation services for your venue, creative, retail or office space. For a list of the types of equipment and installation services we provide, please visit our Installs page.


Force Field Inc offers a comprehensive catalog of audio, video, and lighting equipment for rent. For a list of available equipment, please see our Rentals page.


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